2020–21 figure skating season


Competitive figure skating year, 2020/7/1 to 2021/6/30

The 2020–21 figure skating season will begin on July 1, 2020, and end on June 30, 2021. During this season, elite skaters will compete on the ISU Championship level at the 2021 European, Four Continents, World Junior, and World Championships. They will also compete in elite events such as the Grand Prix series and Junior Grand Prix series, culminating in the Grand Prix Final, and the ISU Challenger Series.


  • 1 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 2 Season notes
    • 2.1 Age eligibility
  • 3 Changes
    • 3.1 Partnership changes
    • 3.2 Retirements
    • 3.3 Coaching changes
    • 3.4 Nationality changes
  • 4 Competitions
  • 5 International medalists
    • 5.1 Men
    • 5.2 Ladies
    • 5.3 Pairs
    • 5.4 Ice dance
  • 6 Season’s best scores
    • 6.1 Men
      • 6.1.1 Best total score
      • 6.1.2 Best short program score
      • 6.1.3 Best free skating score
    • 6.2 Ladies
      • 6.2.1 Best total score
      • 6.2.2 Best short program score
      • 6.2.3 Best free skating score
    • 6.3 Pairs
      • 6.3.1 Best total score
      • 6.3.2 Best short program score
      • 6.3.3 Best free skating score
    • 6.4 Ice dance
      • 6.4.1 Best total score
      • 6.4.2 Best rhythm dance score
      • 6.4.3 Best free dance score
  • 7 Standings and ranking
    • 7.1 Current standings (top 30)
      • 7.1.1 Men
      • 7.1.2 Ladies
      • 7.1.3 Pairs
      • 7.1.4 Ice dance
  • 8 Notes
  • 9 References

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic[edit]

On May 1, 2020, the International Skating Union established a working group, chaired by ISU Vice-President for Figure Skating Alexander Lakernik, to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Its responsibilities include determining the feasibility of holding events as scheduled, possibly behind closed doors, during the first half of the season and the financial impact of any potential cancellations.[1]

On July 9, the General Administration of Sport of China announced that no international sporting events would be held in China in 2020, except for 2022 Winter Olympics test events.[2] The Chinese Skating Association was scheduled to host several events during the season, including the Asian Open Trophy, Cup of China, the Grand Prix Final, and the Junior World Championships; the Grand Prix Final, to be hosted in Beijing, is the only event exempt from the Chinese government’s ruling, due to its status as the test event for the Olympic Games.[3]

On July 13, the International Skating Union announced that the 2020 Cup of China remained scheduled as planned.[4]

The Japan Skating Federation announced on July 13 that it would not assign any skaters to the Junior Grand Prix and Challenger Series events, assuming the competitions proceeded as scheduled.[5]

Season notes[edit]

Age eligibility[edit]

Skaters are eligible to compete in ISU events on the junior or senior levels according to their age:


If skaters of different nationalities team up, the ISU requires that they choose one country to represent.
Date refers to date when the change occurred or, if not available, the date when the change was announced.

Partnership changes[edit]


Coaching changes[edit]

Nationality changes[edit]


For national and sub-national competitions, see 2020–21 national figure skating championships.

Scheduled competitions:[12]


International medalists[edit]




Ice dance[edit]

Season’s best scores[edit]


Best total score[edit]
Best short program score[edit]
Best free skating score[edit]


Best total score[edit]
Best short program score[edit]
Best free skating score[edit]


Best total score[edit]
Best short program score[edit]
Best free skating score[edit]

Ice dance[edit]

Best total score[edit]
Best rhythm dance score[edit]
Best free dance score[edit]

Standings and ranking[edit]

Main article: 2020–21 ISU World Standings and Season’s World Ranking

Current standings (top 30)[edit]


As of April 20, 2020[update].[18]


As of April 20, 2020[update].[19]


As of April 20, 2020[update].[20]

Ice dance[edit]

As of April 20, 2020[update].[21]


  • ^ Due to disturbances in skaters’ training schedules resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the ISU extended the upper age limit for males in junior and novice ice dance by one year. However, the new age limit only applies to couples who competed together during the 2019–20 season and maintain the same programs for the 2020–21 season.[6]
  • ^ Originally scheduled for September 9–13.[15]
  • ^ Added on June 15, following the cancellation of JGP Canada and JGP Slovakia.[17]
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